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Here's what author Lucia St. Clair Robson says, "Ms. Hollis' paintings are in true celebration of human spirit. Her art is striking!" Ms. Robson's novel is the internationally published and New York Times Best Seller Ride the Wind."

Lucia St. Clair  Robson, author  and   New York Times  Best  Seller novelist enjoys Comanche  Warhorse  painting  while  she weaves  novels of historical romance at her lake home on  on the  Maryland USA coast. This work of art by emerging artist Gayla Hollis is inspired by Ride the Wind, and, Walk in My Soul; two of nine internationally published novels by Lucia St. Clair Robson.  Notable  and additional paintings Ms.  Robson  has  commissioned   from  Gayla  Hollis  are Ecliptic Reflection, and, Night is Day.


Emerging artist Ms. Gayla Hollis shares with us through her paintings a strong spirit for life, expressions of energy, and reverence for nature.  In view of her artworks you will find celebratory titles which honor her French ancestors.  Being of European French, Native American Cherokee, and Chickasaw descent; you will clearly see the influential vibrancy of French culture and bold suggestions of Native American spiritual symbolism.  She finds inspiration in the deep affection she holds for nature, the festive Cajun South, and Native American history.

Ms. Hollis is a multi media artist having lived and breathed a variety of the arts since dance academy at age four.  Surprisingly her skill in painting lay dormant until it suddenly exploded in skyrocketing expression and color. When suggested she study famous masters Matisse, Van Gogh, and O'Keeffe, "I did not" she said, "as my intent is to paint from the universe within me."


 She tells of a beautiful dream then being suddenly awake reaching for her paint brush. This dream was a colorful flash thunderstorm in the darkness of night lit up in lightning. The plummeting hail slowly came to a silent halt before circling the one special tree. There it was under the protective tree; a buffalo with a black tipped tail, black eyes and a black nose, with cream colored fur.  The bison  was illuminated by lightning and surrounded by fantastical awe inspiring color.  That night Ms. Hollis began the transfer of her dream onto canvas. That was her dream.

Weeks later in the news a sacred buffalo calf was born at night during a hail and lightning storm. "Lightning Medicine Cloud" is sacred to Native Americans as the unique 3rd true sacred buffalo.  Today, her painting Buffalo of Unity is held in permanent collection at the prestigious Cultural Arts Museum, Chickasaw Nation, USA.


Ms. Hollis spent her youth in the heart of French culture within the deep south of Cajun Louisiana with  the  Opelousas swamp  and Bayou Courtableau close by.  She fondly recalls friends, dance academy, water skiing on the bayou, and youthful summers sleeping under the stars. After graduating high school in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma she attended universities in Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana, obtaining a B.A. degree with a concentration in art.

The artist's favorite novel, Ride the Wind, is inspiration for her exhibit Buffalo Dream. Today Ms. Hollis enjoys painting at her lake studio in the picturesque Arbuckle Mountains near the Chickasaw National Park in Oklahoma USA where the resident park buffalo are deeply ingrained into the community.


In the words of Professor Griffin Blakewood, PhD, University of Louisiana, "Within the visionary art of Gayla Hollis; we experience the resonant edges between matter and mystery, vision and memory, with the unfolding possibility of sun and soil and air and water dancing at the edge of positive possibility."

You will find Ms. Hollis' ideas of contemporary expression in her artworks as powerful, and, emotive.  Her style is a freshly positive and evocative merging of fauvism, pop art, European graffiti, and expressionism.

Currently, museums, galleries, and private collectors in Europe and on all coasts of the USA exhibit this emerging artist's outstanding works.  Art professionals claim her paintings easily recognizable as her own unique style. You will find Ms. Hollis' paintings the most popular addition to your collection, and to any reputable gallery, home, and business.

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