Gayla 4, 2020.jpeg
Artist Statement 

          I create art because it is fun and one of the few things that relaxes my mind. I enjoy the outcome and painting with beautiful colors. Knowing my creations uplift viewers and give happy moments to collectors who acquire my art is why I continue to paint, and to leave a legacy for my family. Another introspection is our universe and how true it seems “Thoughts become things” (Proctor) and how strongly I want to be a positive light in mankind's present, and future.


          The abundant beauty nature provides in color, texture, and sound inspires my art and a sunset, tree, flower, songbird, or a child singing can nudge me onward. The guitar art I paint represents my ingrained love for my family's French ancestry, festive music and culture of our Cajun people and friends of Opelousas, Louisiana, my hometown. My bison art symbolizes my love for Native American history, spirituality, and my American Indian ancestry, as well as where I live and work today which is my home state and birthplace, Oklahoma!


          What is unique about my art is how I allow creativity to happen as I go along in a seamless natural flow. Always, my best art begins with no sketching and the art seems to take on a spirit life of its own. When I paint it feels like creating music with each brush stroke orchestrating colors to marry beautifully! Each canvas warms my heart like the surprise birthday parties my Mom threw during my youth. 

           My life is family and art. What makes me push further than painting within fine art boundaries is this endless drive I feel to share my kid’s songs realizing it snowballs positive energy into the universe and spreads moments of fun for many children. The past 10 years of painting has taken my style to this place of challenge to illustrate my fun educational kid’s stories and to create an art installation including paintings, music, stories, photography, nature, characterization, dance, and puppetry.


           With my new series Arbuckle Mountains Buffalo Sunset being a success the year 2022 will bring a new project. To keep up with my art and my kids project please join my Updates List and follow me on Instagram and Facebook.