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And In San Antonio Laid in the Shade

. . . was painted. I reflect back to spring of 2012, I will say the green scrub oak trees influenced the artworks I created during a trip to San Antonio. I adored those massive scrub oak trees. From the deck, and the balcony at the resort, we seemed to be up in a gigantic tree house. How their huge towering branches twist and curve to hug the air in such expressive bends is like the twists and turns of life. Oh, something else about this painting was the romantic tourist bus ride.

On the bus in the dark from one event to the other event brings back flickering thoughts like candles left lit but just at the end burning down down down. I'll describe that trip as like dizzily floating kiss on a smoothed out raft laying on the blue water round and round under the oaks. But oh wait, there was dinner being served at the resort on the plush grassy green hillside outdoors.

Low and behold! Crazy gnats buzzing my new pretty hairdo! What the! What in the world is going on here? Oh, maybe it's that special ingredient in my new love potion perfume? But no matter those gnats had me pegged. They shooed the birds right out of my hair but the nest was still there apparently. The gnats attempt to take over my hair for a nest for their social networking was nearly successful as they buzzed over my head. Hover and buzz. Hover and buzz. Directly lusting above my gorgeous fancy hairdo. Am I that special? Did they mistake me for Queen Guh-Nat? Did I really smell that good?

So I had to pretend it was no big deal. All the gnat buzzing! It cracks me up now.

Next as I gracefully opened the napkin and laid it upon my lap; I heard a familiar accent. Cajun Louisiana! My head turned so fast it must've scared those darned gnats away. Really though, I think I just forgot about them from being so excited to see my friend Paula from Opelousas Jr. High School! She lives in Albuquerque New Mexico now. We happened to land at the same resort that day. What a surprise!

Opelousas, Louisiana. That's my home town, or rather, one of my home towns. Yep I have two home towns. Tried to catch Paula the next day but we missed each other. I have tried to find her since but no luck yet. I was disappointed that her business card disappeared from the room. Must've been those zippy hovering gnats. The people and the gnats loved my hairdo that night! Back to my friend Paula from Opelousas. That was one amazing trip to hear her may sha sweet Cajun accent. It was just so unexpected to hear Louisiana in that twilight when I sat down at that dinner table on the hillside. And now from gnats, to friend, to what I started out to write. . . about the title.

Well, well, I guess one can think of many meanings for the title of this painting. What do you think it means? Hmm. Another friend of mine from Opelousas, Louisiana school days, Ricky, loved seeing this painting. What was it he said about it? Oh yes, he said something like "it's the throw back I've been looking for!" I want to know what does it remind -you- of? No, not the Guh-Nats. (The painting of course, and, yes the title too.)

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