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Meet my friend. She authored my fav novel Ride the Wind, a Best Seller...Lucia St. Clair Robson

If you've read this novel "Ride the Wind" you will know just how easily it is still today a major influence in many of my artworks. After I began reading the story I could not put the book down. No not even with a house full of rascally teenagers, and even being worn out from landscaping my brand new two-story brick house front, and back yard!

I was back in time with tears, and chills, and smiles, chin drops, and ah's. I kept intending to sleep but stayed on my couch until wee hours of the morning. I can still see myself surprised when the sun peaked through our bay window and lit up one of the new sparsely decorated downstairs living rooms. I still have this thick paperback! Oh, and yes, I have a new copy of it as well. And, I have her other novels, 10 in all.

It was 2011 when this explosion of painting and my very own style happened. Ms. Robson saw my paintings and immediately commissioned two buffalo paintings, "Ecliptic Reflection", and "Night is Day". In fact my very first commissions! Her website is:

A couple of years later as I was applying my own hand covered in paint as the print on "Comanche War Horse" painting, she requested I save it for her. Here it is on Ms. Robson's wall at her East Coast lake house where she dreams up her novels.

Today, I'm happy to tell you when I create a Comanche, Sioux, Chickasaw, or Cherokee themed painting, I ponder on the story line, characters, and history contained in Ms. Robson's first novel, and New York Times Best Seller, "Ride the Wind."

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